Millionaire Mindset: 11 Ways Rich People Think That Create Wealth

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What Is The Millionaire Mindset?

The millionaire mindset is a way of thinking that will dramatically improve your chances of manifesting money in your life. It affects the opportunities you notice, grab or ignore. It affects the decisions you make. And it even affects the people you associate with (who have a very big impact on your ability to manifest money).

Your financial situation and personal wealth have everything to do with how you look at the world and what goes on in your mind. Rich people accumulate wealth because of the way they think. The majority of poor people stay poor because of the way THEY think. This is a fact that has stood the test of a large number of studies.

Luckily for all of us, these thought patterns can be learned. There are 11 primary ways that rich people and poor people think very differently from one another. By understanding each one, you can root out all poor-thinking from your life and shift your thought patterns to a way of thinking that will bring you the wealth you desire.

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If you are already wealthy, through means other than self-accumulation (for example inheritance, winnings, or other factors), then you especially need to eliminate poor-thinking. If not, you could quickly lose it all, as so many others have done.

How Do Rich People Think?

Rich People and Poor People obviously differ in many physical (lifestyle) ways. The size and location of their houses, exotic-ness of their holidays, their social circles, etc. Rich people have more, and poor people have less. Rich people are more likely to have careers they enjoy, and poor people are more likely to work several unfulfilling jobs.

But perhaps the most interesting thing to us is knowing how or why some people end up rich, and others end up poor. It leaves us wondering how rich people think and act, and what lessons YOU can learn from them to make sure you head in the direction you prefer to go? How can you intill in yourself the millionaire mindset?

Several studies done on the accumulation or loss of wealth have concluded that there are in fact, elements that have a direct effect on the outcome of said wealth. Certain things can predictably lead to someone either losing or gaining riches and prosperity. And it's about more than just how rich people THINK.

"Zero to Hero" or "Rich to the Ditch"?

The media is filled with stories of people who start with nothing and end up fabulously wealthy. But we are equally presented with a myriad of stories of mega wealthy people who end up disastrously broke. In fact, these days there seem to be quite a lot of those!

From Lottery Winner to Minimum Wage Labourer - How Poor People Think

Many people have gone from super wealthy to broke because they have Poor Thinking

How could someone with millions in their bank account end up in debt while other people earning a small to average wage actually manage perfectly well, cover all their costs, and never end up in debt? This seems to suggest there is something ABOUT those two people that they do differently.

Equally, how can some people from a poor, uneducated families manage to accumulate enormous wealth, while some middle-class people with university educations never manage to rise above being middle-class?  This also seems to indicate that SOMETHING about those people is fundamentally different. Maybe how rich people think and act does have an effect?

Could Money Come From Luck?

Could it possibly be that those people who gain enormous wealth could be lucky, while those that lose their wealth are unlucky?

Various Lucky Charms

This is not a likely explanation, because psychology has shown us that luck, in the form of random good or unfortunate coincidences does not exist. Luck is self-created.

So even if luck is responsible, those people created that luck themselves. Maybe how rich people think about luck vs. how poor people do, might provide a clue.

Maybe Some People Get Rich Because They Have More Blurred Moral Boundaries?

Is it possible that the difference exists because some people are more willing to do “disgusting things” to climb the wealth ladder, while other people stick to their morals and are not willing to “do what it takes”

Could the millionaire mindset thus have to do with being more willing to "cross that line"?

Although this seems like a great way to justify it to ourselves, this is not true. Statistically, the majority of wealthy people did not cross their own moral lines to get where they are, even though we know that a few did. And there are many poor who would be very willing to “do what it takes,” yet are still poor.

So then what could it be that sets rich people apart? What is it about how rich people think or act that makes them different from those who have a poverty mindset?

Poverty Mindset: Causing Your Own Poverty

Thinking "Life Is Unfair" Is The Cause Of Much Poverty

You have probably felt at one time or another that life is really unfair.

It is! 

You work incredibly hard, put in tonnes of effort and treat others honestly. Still, your income isn’t even enough to buy yourself the little luxuries you deserve. Yet there appear to be so many others who don’t even shed a drop of sweat, and yet they wallow in luxury.

Life is Not Fair - How Poor People Think

Do you ever feel as if life has conspired against you, and you were only born to suffer? That your destiny is poverty?

If you find those thoughts ever crossing your mind, I can tell you right now that THAT is part of the problem. Life is not equal, that's not in dispute. And it's not fair to ANYONE.

Those who have succeeded in life (those who have the millionaire mindset) have done so DESPITE life being unfair, and they manged!

The "life is unfair" mentality only serves to make you a victim. And a victim mentality means you will always remain where you are.

Most of us get so hung up on how we think the world should work that we can’t see how it does. But facing that reality is the key to unlocking your dream life - your wishes and desires. It is what rich people know, accept and work with. 

The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair. 

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The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair.  

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The Poverty Mindset Assists In Keeping You Down

The thoughts above amount to "poor-person thinking." If you have a decent understanding of how your Creator Mind operates and how the Law of Attraction works, then I probably don’t need to explain to you that: YOU ASSIST IN BRINGING ABOUT YOUR OWN POVERTY.

If this statement shocks you, then I would suggest you read the article on how the Creator Mind and the Law of Attraction work.

Some people do start life poor, as you cannot choose where you are born. Yes, life is unfair. But people who STAY poor do so largely through their own thinking and choices. 

I do not mean this as an insult to you, and I am not victim-shaming. We are all aware that there are circumstances we encounter in life that are out of our control. And those circumstances can be positive or negative. They can lift us up or knock us down. But what we do with those circumstances IS in our control. You can win the lottery and still squander away all that money. Or you can lose all your money in a financial crisis and still end up wealthy later.

So yes, you can cause your own poverty, but YOU CAN ALSO CAUSE  YOUR OWN WEALTH. And it all starts inside your mind.

This is where your money tree lives. This is why the way in which rich people THINK AND ACT makes all the difference in their lives. This is what sets the millionaire mindset apart from the poverty mindset

When you understand and really believe that you are the master of your own destiny, and when you acknowledge that you are in complete control of your life, THEN you have a rich person’s mentality.

Then you are one step closer to manifesting the money and wealth you want!

How Rich People Think and What They Believe Are the Keys To Their Prosperity

If you want to unlock the door to your success (financially and other) then having an insight into the well-kept secrets of millionaires is the key. In all cases, wealthy people will tell you that if there is any “formula” to prosperity, then the secret lies in their thoughts, beliefs, and mental attitude. Not luck or birth.

The rich and wealthy of the world may or may not know they are using their Creator Mind. They may even be completely unaware of the Law of Attraction. However, they are nonetheless using these to facilitate their flow of wealth. What YOU need to understand then is the psychological aspects of rich people which are consistent throughout all examples.

The chasm between the poor and the rich grows more extensive every day, and the rich become richer while the poor become poorer. This is not in your imagination. It is a fact. It is also not a coincidence. Rich people appear to know how to manifest money, while poor people seem unable to.

To understand this twisted situation, we need to dig down into how rich people think and contrast that with the mentality of the poor.

Millionaire Mindset vs. Poverty Mindset

Here follows the 11 distinct differences in the "abundant money" mentality of the rich and the “lack” mentality of the poor. As you read this article, study these differences. Try to assess your own mindset and figure out where yours mostly fits.

Rich vs Poor mindset - How Rich People Think vs How Poor People Think

What kind of  mindset do you have?

If you discover you are a poor-thinking person (you have a poverty mindset), then you can change that. Simply by recognising these differences, you can know how you should start thinking if you want to become rich, by thinking rich. By learning and developing the millionaire mindset.

I should point out that when I say ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ in the following 11 points, I am not referring to an individual’s current bank balance, net worth, or assets. Instead, I am referring to their state of mind. The human mind is so incredibly powerful (when you decide to use that “other 90%”) it can create assets and even liabilities.

If you have a mind that is conditioned to be poor, it doesn’t matter what wealth you have today; it will disappear sooner or later. However, if you have the mind of a rich person, you can create your wealth from scratch. And even if life does give you a knock and you lose it all today, you can get it all back even faster than you managed to the first time around.


1. Rich People Believe That They Create Their Own Destiny. 

Destiny refers to the course of events in one’s life – planned or unplanned. The concept of “predestination” is one of the most popular beliefs surrounding destiny.

Predestination has a long history and concludes that your future is pre-planned before you even start. Divine Intervention being the primary factor that causes it to unfold as it does.

People believe that their lives depend on the whim of an outside force and that all of their actions are in vain if it does not coincide with the predestined plan.

Destiny vs. Action

Poor People...

...believe they are slaves to their circumstances. They imagine that it doesn’t matter what they do, adversaries and lousy luck will come no matter how hard they attempt to avoid them.

Rich People...

...create a great life for themselves because they don't believe in a predetermined fate. Instead, they believe life is what they make it.

People with the millionaire mindset believe that if you sit around all day waiting for things to fall into your lap, then nothing will happen. Everything will stay exactly as it is until you make a move.

Newton’s Law of Motion states: “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” This is also known as Galileo's Law of Inertia.

This scientific principle is applied by rich people in their lives because they believe that they are responsible for their own lives. They create their own destiny and are not subject to the whims of luck or any other 3rd party.

Being In Control vs. Being Out of Control

Poor People...

...believe their lives are disorganized and that their reality is mostly out of their control. When they do act, they feel the results are unmanageable. When they fail in their endeavors, they blame the economy, their boss, their family, and others.

Rich People...

... see life as a series of plans – their plans. With the correct planning and right actions, the results are favorable. And regardless of whether things go well or badly, they always accept full responsibility for their actions.


When you always assume that life only happens to you, and you are a slave to your circumstances then, over time, you will lose the power to make changes and to control your life.

The millionaire mindset takes responsibility for the circumstances which they created, but the poverty mindset always feels like a victim of the world. If financial abundance is your aim, then think as a rich person would do. Believe that you create your own future and you are not at the whim of other people or events.


2. Rich People Are Focused on Opportunities, Poor People Obsess Over Problems

Opportunities come to us in both direct and indirect ways. Problems often seem to get in the way of these opportunities - but these problems are often masks, behind which hide an opportunity. When you only ever look at things superficially, you see the façade but fail to notice the blessing underneath.

Opportunities vs. Obstacles

Poor People...

...have a very negative attitude towards problems. When faced with a problem, a poor person sees it as an obstacle to their carefree life. They hate difficulties and see them as hindrances to their existence. The more issues and problems they face, the more they view their lives as complicated.

Rich People...

...think about a problem as a door to new opportunities. How rich people think is by focusing on solutions rather than wallowing in despair. Within every obstacle, they look beyond the façade and see an opportunity. Rich people concentrate on finding solutions to their crisis. They clarify things so that they can see them in a better perspective.

Taking Action vs. Complaining

Poor People...

...are forever complaining about the obstacles they encounter. They waste their time whining about the circumstances in their lives. Eventually, their moaning becomes a default setting, since they are not prepared to do anything to resolve the issue.

Rich People...

...act on their problems. They may, of course, moan a little but they work to unravel their suffering. The more problems they solve, the better they get at it, and the better they end up feeling.


Problems, failures, and obstacles are simply a part of life, which no one can escape. They are part of the process of sculpting you into the person you become, and this can be a tougher, better person.

When problems roll around, you can learn from your mistakes and do better when the next one comes along. When you face an opportunity, you can come up with creative solutions and get on with it.

Do not succumb to the poor person's way of sitting down and wallowing in misery over it.


3. Rich People Have Big Dreams. Poor People Dream Small.

Dreaming, desiring, and imagination is what motivates us to succeed. When you dream, you tend to put effort into attaining that dream. Both rich and poor people dream, but the size of their desire is what differs.

When you dream small, you work less, whereas big dreamers work harder to achieve their vision.

Big vs. Small

Poor People...

...have small dreams. Their dreams often don’t extend far beyond eating three times a day, having an average house to live in and getting a job with decent pay and benefits.

These are the dreams of the poverty mindset. Any casual employee can achieve these, and many poor people feel there is no need to exert any more effort beyond that. Why work harder? They have achieved their dream, after all.

Rich People...

...know that to achieve big things, you have to dream big. Wealthy people never deviate from this principle. They don’t dream about merely eating three times a day; they dream about eating much more than that. Eating good food, in luxury.

The millionaire mindset doesn't doesn't dream of a small house; they dream of a comfortable home for their family plus a second home for their vacations. They don’t dream about a job with good pay. Instead, they plan to create jobs.

Aspiration vs. Contentment

Poor People...

...become content with what they have. They don’t aspire towards more. They believe that having desires for more in life will only serve to complicate their lives. Thus when poor people do achieve their small dreams, they end up stagnating and eventually living sub-standard lives.

Rich People...

...always aspire for more. They believe that their talents and abilities can take them places. As a result of having big dreams, they work hard to turn their desires into reality.


If you only have small dreams, you cannot possibly achieve more important things. When you dream, dream big. You have nothing to lose in dreaming.


4. Rich People Commit to Their Dreams. Poor People Sleep Through Theirs.

Thoughts, dreams, and imagination are the initial steps to any success. How rich people think versus how poor people think, affects how they engage with their Creator Mind. It doesn’t end there, however. For dreams to become a reality, you need to take action!

Commitment vs. Dreaming

Poor People... to dream, and often stay in a dreamy state even when it is time to work. They are always dreaming that things will magically happen, imagining how great it would be to live in luxury. However, they never actually take any action to make that experience a reality.

Rich People... hard at their dreams. Each day, they commit their lives to reach their goals. They keep increasing their efforts to assemble their dream life. And they choose the right actions based on what their Creator Mind is guiding them towards, following their intuition to lead them.


Dreaming big, alone, doesn't make you rich. You also need to work really hard when once you set your goals. This doesn’t mean you need to do anything crazy. Even just taking small steps every day is better than waiting for time to pass without taking action.

Ultimately, the small actions will eventually accumulate and lead you up the ladder of success.


5. Rich People Play to WIN. Poor People Play, Only to “Not Lose” Money.

The big difference in the millionaire mindset vs the poverty mindset here is the purpose of "playing the game." Life is a gamble, after all. Every decision is a potential risk. There are no certainties in this world.

Taking Risks vs. Playing It Safe

Poor People...

...usually play the game of life just to prevent losing. They are too careful to invest because they want to be sure that things turn out the way they want. When in doubt, they rather make no decision. They will always stay on the safe side of everything. Poor people are far too attached to the perceived negative stigma of failure and are thus afraid of making mistakes.

Rich People...

...think about life as all about taking risks. They know exactly what they want, so they invest in order to win. For them, losing is never an option. They will study and analyze how things work and invest once they get to know the flow of things.


Only those who are willing to take a risk will achieve financial stability and abundance. The bigger the risk you choose, the bigger is your eventual reward. However, rich people don’t jump at risks without proper preparation.

When you take a risk, you need to be sure you are sufficiently prepared to ensure winning. Be appropriately armed when you gamble with life, but don’t avoid the gamble.


6. Rich People Network With Rich, Successful People. 

The people around you have an indirect (and often direct) effect on the way you think. When you associate with negative, pessimistic people, you will eventually be a negative, pessimistic person. When you spend time in the company of positive individuals, then you will absorb their positivity.

Receptivity vs. hostility

Poor People...

...are generally hostile towards rich people. They believe that a rich person’s lifestyle is unacceptable, so they choose instead to associate with people in the same wealth bracket as themselves.

They spend plenty of time trying to figure out how rich people become richer, and a lot of their emotion is directed towards envying the supposed “luck,” which they assume rich people have.

Rich People...

...are always open to new ideas and people. Their time is spent with people who can help them achieve their dreams.

You'll find them joining people earning six digits or more. And they analyze how these wealthy people become more prosperous and imitate their actions and their thinking. Rich people want to know how rich people think!


Poor people assume that your wealth depends on your family origin, your education, or your “luck.” Thus you are rich because you belong to a family of wealthy people.

Rich people, themselves, think otherwise. They spend a lot of time with people who can help them get or manifest what they want. They talk to financially successful people, taking careful note of their secrets of prosperity.

The millionaire mindset wants to become wealthy, and thus mixes with the right people. You can quickly manifest money and become rich even if you come from a poor background or family.


7 Rich People Are Open to Learning. Poor People Assume They Already Know Everything.

Life is about learning. The minute you think you know everything, learning stops. When you admit that you still have much to learn, then you will yearn for more knowledge.

Open-mindedness vs. Close-mindedness

Poor People...

...assume that they know everything. They believe they understand how life works and how to live it well. These exact beliefs are what cause them to close their minds to new ideas. If you are not willing to learn, you will never know why rich people become richer and why the poor remain poor, despite all their efforts.

Rich People...

...know and admit that they still have a lot to learn. When you make room for improvement and for new ideas, then you open your mind to a myriad of possibilities. For sure, one of the most straightforward routes to financial abundance is to learn from people who have already achieved that status.


A key element to financial success is to accept your shortcomings and learn from other people. If you want to be the best, it makes sense that you need to learn from the best. You need to learn HOW to be the best.

To think like the rich, you need to learn how rich people think. Only when you open yourself up to knowledge and learning can you live a life of abundance.


8. Rich People Lead. Poor People Follow.

Most financially successful people lead the way. Leaders take charge of actions. Since being a leader takes courage, only those who choose to cultivate a strong personality decide to take control.

Leaders vs. Followers

Poor People...

...have a herd mentality. They enjoy following where the river flows. Rather than taking the lead, they are content to let others do the thinking. They don’t want to take responsibility for their decisions. When someone asks for their opinion, they pass it over to others so as not to take the blame for failures later on.

Rich People...

...take the initiative. They make decisions for themselves and take full responsibility for these decisions. They are able to work independently.


Rich people are leaders and, conversely, leaders are rich people. This happens because of the independent attitude of leaders and rich people. Even in an ordinary office setting, the leaders are responsible for a whole group. They may have more significant responsibilities, but they also earn more.


9. Rich People Focus on Saving and Giving. Poor People Just Spend.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you earn; saving is an absolutely crucial part of becoming rich. You could have little money, but if you save even ten dollars a day, that adds up to $3,650 a year and $36,500 in ten years. And that doesn’t even take into account the interest you could earn if you invested that money.

You could be really rich and earning a million dollars a month, but if you spend the whole amount as you earn, you will never, ever get rich. This is NOT how rich people think. And this is why we often find lottery winners and sports-stars back at their old day-jobs a few years later. They have lost all their money because they had a poverty mindset.

Saving vs. Spending

Poor People...

...usually spend far more than what they actually earn. They don’t believe in the value of savings. For every $100 they make, they spend $110. Over time, the excess expenditure piles up, and before they know it, they are drowning in debt. Their spending is almost always on themselves and they see giving to others as taking away from themselves.

Rich People...

...usually keep to a monthly or even daily budget. They spend ONLY within this declared budget. They save a portion of all of their earnings to have it earn further interest, making their money work for them. They set aside a portion of all they earn to give to others, because they understand the power of giving, and how it contributes to their own manifesting of money.

Debit Card vs. Credit Card

Poor People...

...rely on credit cards. They cannot live without them. They dine out, shop, and indulge on vacations using their plastic cards. Because they don’t see the expenses, and their cash remains intact, they feel that they are in complete control of their finances. Only to find out down the line that everything is getting out of control.

Rich People...

...don’t purchase with credit cards. If they don’t have enough cash, they use debit cards. They know that: “if you cannot afford it with cash, you really cannot afford it.”

That doesn’t mean that physical credit cards aren’t used, but it means they don’t buy anything "on credit." Anything they spend is backed up with real cash that they have. And they are able to immediately pay back that credit card debt if they want. 

Cautious vs. Impulsive

Poor People...

...are usually impulsive buyers. Anything on sale or discounted in some way, they will buy. Even if they don’t need the items, they keep on buying, believing that in some way they are saving from the discounts.

Rich People...

...approach shopping very differently. The millionaire mindset thinks many times before purchasing, considering the affordability, quality, and the usefulness of an item. When the item they're looking at fails one of the criteria, they then consider and reconsider some more before finally making a decision. They do not buy on impulse.


Earning money is not always easy, so think twice or even thrice before you spend your hard-earned income. No one knows the future, so it is therefore imperative to save some. This not only ensures you provide for a money-drought but so that you can have your money work for you!


10. Rich People Have Their Money Work Hard For Them. 

Everybody works hard, but not everybody makes their money work hard. To have your money work for you, you first need to save some and then have an idea of where to invest it. If you understand where to put your investments, then you can make your money work hard for you.

Successful Investment vs. Futile Investment

Poor People...

...keep looking for money to come their way. They keep working and working to earn a wage as their only form of income. They spend beyond what they're able to afford and so resort to loans that accumulate interest.

Rich People...

...understand where to invest their money. Instead of the banks charging THEM interest for credit cards and loans, they are the ones collecting interest on their savings and investments. They experience a more peaceful life while their money is working for them.


In order to stop working hard for your money, as poor people do, live within your means, save up and invest. Let your money do the work, and you enjoy your life. THIS is how rich people think about money!


11. Rich People Consciously Use Their Creator Minds. Poor People Let It Run Wild.

Conscious Creation vs. Random Chance

Poor People...

...engage their Creator Mind unknowingly, attracting only fleeting wealth, but often poverty. They don’t bother to learn how to use it and don’t know HOW to think correctly. If they do attract any wealth, it’s only by chance. And often it's gone again soon.

Rich People...

...learn how to use their Creator Mind and the Law of Attraction. They then intentionally create their wealth. They know HOW to think to have their every desire. And this is the biggest aspect of the millionaire mindset.


Presumably, you want to choose your own destiny and have the life you desire. Then you need to think the right way and intentionally use your Creator Mind as it is meant to be used. You now have some idea of how rich people think, and you need to emulate that.

If riches are what you seek, then it’s as easy as placing an order – but only if you know how the order should be placed.

Money Mindset: Final Notes

Important Final Notes on Consciously Manifesting Money

  • No one is to blame for being born into a low-income family or into unfavorable circumstances. Some may call that destiny. But to grow up, age and then die as poor as a mouse, you need to take responsibility for your part in that.
  • At the current average, a man lives for about 70 years, of which 50 of those are adult years. Those roughly 18,255 days of life are enough to make you rich. If you waste your days, destiny is not the reason why you remained poor for your whole life.
  • The millionaire mindset is not difficult to acquire. Each day, the rich-thinking see as a new beginning, to face the challenges that will help them achieve their big dreams. Complaining is a total waste of time. Instead of comparing themselves to others, they work on their own lives. Rather than merely following, they take the initiative. They have confidence in their knowledge and skills. They don't fear taking a risk.
  • Despite the often impoverished situation surrounding us, money is in abundance. You can see money everywhere. It is just at the “wrong place at the wrong time.” To take advantage of the prosperity in the world, be at the right place at the right time. To do that you need to follow the plans of your Creator Mind.
  • Obey your inner guide. Act. Find opportunities to become rich.
  • Do you currently possess the mentality to become rich and manifest money, or do negative thoughts dominate your mind? Learn and study how rich people think and act. Emulate them.
  • Manifesting money or getting rich starts with having the right attitude, mentality, and action. With these characteristics, embarking on the long and winding road to wealth is only a step away. Adopt the mindset of the rich and be rich. Think like the poor and you will stay poor.

Let us know about your successes or questions in the comments box below.

Millionaire Mindset Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Poor Mindset?

A poor mindset put all its stakes in short-term returns. Hours-for-dollars. Believes that one day they’ll be able to “retire”, kick back and do nothing. That all work is simply “paying dues” on the way to a life of leisure.

A poor mindset sees a surplus as an opportunity for consumption, and in all scenarios ask “What’s in it for me? If I scratch your back, you must scratch mine”. It believes it can get away with compromising its reputation to make a quick buck.

A poor mindset is consumed by the unfairness of the world, and wastes time complaining about it. It feels the world owes it something, and waits for it to be handed out.

What Makes a Millionaire a Millionaire?

It is literally based on have a million units of currency. So an American having a Million Dollars is a millionaire. A German having a Million Euros is a millionaire. But take note that having a Million Thai Baht also makes you a millionaire (1mil Thai Baht = US$ 31,800).

So being a millionaire really only has prestige based on the currency you are using to calculate it. Which is why most millionaires, when showing off, will tell you are a "Dollar Millionaire" or a "Pound Millionaire"  or a "Euro Millionaire" etc.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Millionaire?

1. They have big dreams and then they act on those dreams.

2. They get mentored every step of the way.

3. They use their intuition and creativity.

4. They set their own course and then don’t look back.

5. They never stop absorbing knowledge and wisdom.

6. Failure doesn't scare them - in fact they welcome it.

7. They have their money work for them - they don’t trade time for money.

8. They focus on their strengths.


1. Rich People Believe That They Create their Own Destiny, but Poor People Believe That Their Destiny is Preordained.

Poor People believe they are slaves to their circumstances, and that their lives are out of their control.

Rich People don't believe in predetermined fate. They believe life is what they make of it and accept full responsibility for their lives.

Verdict: take responsibility for your life and circumstances. Understand that you create your own future and you are not at the whim of other people or events.

2. Rich People Focus on Opportunities While Poor People Obsess over Problems.

Poor People see problems as obstacles. The more issues they face, the more they view their lives as complicated.

How Rich People think about a problem is as a door to new opportunities.

Verdict: When problems roll around, the millionaire mindset learns from their mistakes, comes up with creative solutions, and gets on with it.

3. Rich People Have Big Dreams. Poor People Dream Small.

Poor People have small dreams and don’t aspire towards more.

Rich People know that to achieve big things, you have to dream big. They always aspire for more than they have.

Verdict: When you dream, dare to dream big! Always desire more.

4. Rich People Commit to Their desires While Poor People Sleep Through Their Dreams

Poor People never take any action to make their dreams a reality.

Rich People work hard, committing themselves to reach their goals.

Verdict: Dreaming big, alone, doesn't make you rich. You need to work hard when once you set your goals.

5. Rich People Play to WIN. Poor People Play Only to “Not Lose”.

Poor People will always stay on the safe side of everything. They are far too afraid of making mistakes.

How Rich People think of life, is all about taking risks.

Verdict: Only those who are willing to take a risk will achieve financial stability and abundance.

6. Rich People Network With Rich, Successful People. Poor People Network With Other Poor People.

Poor people are generally hostile and envious towards rich people.

Rich People analyze how wealthy people become rich and imitate their actions.

Verdict:  If you want to learn the millionaire mindset and become wealthy, then be willing to mix with the right people and imitate their ways.

7. Rich People Are Open to Learning. Poor People Assume They Know Everything.

Poor People assume that they already know everything and thus are unwilling to learn new skills.

Rich People know and admit that they still have a lot to learn.

Verdict: Accept your shortcomings and learn from other people. If you want to be the best, then learn from the best.

8. Rich People Lead. Poor People Follow.

Poor People are content to let others do the thinking. They don’t want to take responsibility for their decisions.

Rich People take the initiative. They make decisions for themselves and take full responsibility for these decisions.

Verdict: Take action, make decisions, and lead the pack.

9. Rich People Focus on Saving. Poor People Only Spend.

Poor People are impulsive buyers, usually spending far more than what they actually earn, and generally relying on credit cards and debt.

Rich People usually keep to a budget. They know that “if you cannot afford it with cash, you really cannot afford it.” They think many times before purchasing and seldom buy on impulse.

Verdict: Earning money is not always easy, so it is therefore essential to save some and not overspend. Avoid debt.

10. Rich People Have Their Money Work Hard For Them while Poor People Work Hard For Their Money.

Poor People work to earn a wage as their only form of income while resorting to loans that accumulate interest.

Rich People understand where to invest their money so that they are the ones collecting interest on their savings and investments.

Verdict: Live within your means, save up and invest. Let your money do the work.

11. Rich People Consciously Use Their Creator Minds. Poor People Let It Run Wild.

Poor People don’t bother to learn how to use their Creator Mind and don’t know HOW to think correctly. If they do attract any wealth, it’s only by chance.

Rich People learn how to use their Creator Mind and the Law of Attraction. They know HOW to think to have their every desire become a reality.

Verdict: Learn to use your Creator Mind as it is meant to be used, to have anything you want. That is the key component to the millionaire mindset/

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